Harder than expected

I’m just going to start out saying that life is harder than expected. Certainly, this life experience isn’t anything like the brochure I had read before getting here. I mean, the sunsets/sunrises are amazing. Really digging the colors of the trees, flowers, mountains, deserts, and desserts. And like these bodies we receive at birth, wow! Talk about amazing!

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Yeah, the scenery is terrific. No argument there. My complaint is just how hard/dull the day to day can seem. As the honeymoon of “firsts” (steps, words, days at school, marriage, babies) eventually wears off we begin asking, “Is that it?” For me “firsts” were the exciting things we prepared and planned for. Also, “firsts” defined where we were in life. Additionally, the “firsts” we accomplished were a statement of who were and where we would yet be going. But in between those “firsts” was…

The Routine of Reality

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Day in and day out of homework, diapers, commutes, dinners, assignments, jobs, errands. At times, I have felt that I was arriving in places and not remembering the journey at all. I mean, at all. As in, pulling into the parking lot and not being able to tell you one thing I saw on the way there. Or, realizing that tomorrow would be just like the day before that, and the day before that. As a result, what was there to look forward to? Was there anything to look forward to?!

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The Firsts aren’t over, yet, are they?

Right?! I’ve got a few years before grandkids, retirement, hip replacements (I hope). So, after kids and before retirement what is there to look forward to. What is my “why” for getting up every morning other than just trying to fill up that 401K and my pension?

My next firsts

The impetus behind this website and blog, is that I wanted to:

  • start my own business and get back to the business of helping others using my skills and training
  • gain more power over my day to day activities; not be at the mercy of someone else’s whims
  • have a life of abundance
  • not just work to eat/sleep/repeat
  • not roll up and die while the hair gets gray(er)
  • start dreaming again
  • believe that dreams are possible
  • see what new talents I could develop
  • spend a summer in the U.K.

So, I ask: what are your next “firsts”? And what are your whys?

And you may ask, “Who helped you get started dreaming up new firsts?” These folks:

Jody Moore. Her podcasts were my gateway drug to renewed interest in myself. Diving into why and why not.

Ruth Soukup. Hard work and determination can make dreams come true. So many tools for making the dream happen.

Hal Elrod. The how-to manual. I’ve made my way through “The Miracle Morning” and am starting “The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs.”

All three of these superheroes have fantastic podcasts, resources, and inspiration. I want to be like them when I grow up!!

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