Stay in the Game!

My husband is a soccer coach. And when the parks & rec doesn’t need him he runs a small business of training young athletes. Last night he completed training of a group of young girls who are preparing to try out for the high school soccer team. (If the Covid doesn’t cancel it.)


For the last night of instruction, my husband asked me if I would send the ladies out into the world with some motivation for the future. So scavenged the internet for some ideas. (Not having been an athlete, I had no idea what would help these young women.) I found a blog post on Psychology Today by Meg Selig. And I probably liked it even more because she said that,

“These messages are not for athletes only! You can use them to fulfill your business plan, finish a work or home project, make a contribution to your community, or persist with any creative project.”

Meg Selig, author of Changepower!

Her 8 motivating messages were great, and I had even used some of them in the past. (At the time, I thought of them more as survival techniques to help me get through high school.) But Meg is right, these are motivating messages for anyone, and I would add of any age or stage of life.

So, loving visuals, I created a poster for our soccer stars and I wanted to share it here. Be sure to check out Meg’s post for more details.

My poster just includes the basics. My little lesson included more details.

Meg reached out to her readers to see if they had any other motivational gems and she added the last two. So to paraphrase this great post from 2014:

Do it for the love of the game.

Or do it for whatever you are doing. Starting a new business because you feel called to do so. Creating beautiful works of art just for the pleasure of it. Training for a race with a group of friends you love and because you wanted to do something for yourself (you do love yourself, I hope). Remember when you are tired that you are doing this for love.

Next Play.

Whether you do something stupid, embarrassing (that’s usually the case for me), or just not up to snuff, go on to the next play. Nothing good comes from wallowing in our mistakes, especially if we are in the middle of a game. And the same can be said if making a great move or the perfect shot. There is still a game to be won and you bouncing around feeling like hot stuff is just going to trip you up. Celebrate afterwards.

Aim for excellence, not perfection.

This was one of my favorites! “Accepting failures and glitches in one’s program is simply part of the process.” No mortal will ever be perfect, but many have arrived at excellence. So can you!!! So can we all!!!

And Why not you? Why not us? (Self Explanatory.)

Create the best possible conditions for success, then let go of the outcome.

Duh! How much success we would have achieved and how much stress and grief we could have avoided! Whatever happens, happens, but in the process of CREATING, (choose your favorite word below)

something amazing, amazing things will happen. Now or later. Primarily or secondarily. Who cares, it’s all great! (Or fantastic, wonderful, you get the idea!)


Read Meg’s article. And when no one in the world is encouraging you, find your own motivation. Keep your eye on the prize, and persevere. You, my friend, will win the day!

Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society
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