Grrrrrr. I hate spinning. I hated it as a kid being pushed around and around on a merry-go-round. I hated it as a teenager in an amusement park on those rides that spun in a circle while being spun around in a bigger circle. Just the memory of it makes be feel a bit nauseous!

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Spinning your wheels

Later in my teens, my brother got into fixing, building, and drag racing cars. I never understood the allure of of spinning the tires before starting a race. Lost rubber, the noise and smell. The burnt rubber on the pavement.

These days, my spinning comes from things other than park rides or car tires. The spinning is more mental and emotional.

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Information overload

This past six months has been a crazy barrage of information meant to warn, help, avoid, instruct, educate. So many different sources of information. Everyone had opinions. Everyone has the latest science. The latest studies. Everyone, perhaps, except me. I didn’t know who was giving out the right stuff and what stuff what just plain old stuff stuff. Most days I found it to be so overwhelming that I just ignored it all. No news. No studies. No numbers.

Spinning for a good cause

Then, while hiding my head in the proverbial sand (or just staying home watching streaming TV and playing games on my phone) I decided it was time to put my focus on something positive and beneficial instead of chocolaty and fattening.

So today, I find myself (mind wheels spinning) trying to learn the ins and outs of starting up my own business. Learning about websites, SEO, methods of payment, best practices, and practicing my skills. I have learned more about asking questions, listening, social media, perseverance, and my favorite motis operandi (is that latin for mode of operation?) trial and error.

I love mistakes!

As I type this, I am reminded of one of my college French professors. As I was standing at the chalk board (yes this was a long time ago) making serious errors in a French sentence and dying inside of embarrassment, my professor says, “I love mistakes!” I looked at him with a very red face and waited for the floor to swallow me up. Instead, I got a great piece of wisdom. My professor then said that it is when we make mistakes and have to correct them that we then learn to do things the right way and remember them forever. (Or some variation of that-he might have been speaking French, which I obviously didn’t know very much of at the time.)

I didn’t get an A in his class. Nor did I go on to major in French. In fact, I dropped out of that class because I didn’t think I’d ever actually get to go to France (my dream at the time). But I did eventually come to understand that spinning one’s wheels and making mistakes can be a great learning tool. The process of trial and error is fantastic for learning and moving forward and achieving whatever it is you want to achieve.

My point?

Well. Don’t give up. Keep hammering away, even if you think you are crazy for even trying or hoping. If you can’t get past an obstacle one way, try approaching it from a different angle. If your mind is spinning with too much information, slow down. Not sure where to go and tired of going nowhere. Look at your mistakes and find another way.

No, I didn’t major in French. But, I did get to live in France for 18 months. I spoke like a native when I came home. I could converse with the best of them in college French courses. Even tested out of a few classes. And because Math was an obstacle I could not seem to get around at the time, I spoke French. Mistakes and all!

What would you like to overcome today?

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