I’m Bonnie

Happily married mother of three. (Wishing I looked as good as my bitmoji!)

I’ve been married for 25 years to my very best friend. He and I have three children. One has flown the coop. One will be leaving soon. And the youngest has a few more years before she moves on, too.

I have a masters degree in Marriage & Family Counseling which allowed me to work as a social worker and a group facilitator for teens and their families who’ve gotten involved in drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and truancy. After moving across the country in 2010, I became an Associate Librarian. Total game change! But, both professions involved working with people who had questions, needed information, and were looking to make some sort of improvement in their lives.

And now at the age of 52, I am looking to make a change. The past couple of years have been an inner struggle to find my purpose. There were a lot of things I didn’t enjoy about being a social worker. I loved my job as a facilitator, but found that my current state of residence did things differently. And, as much as I enjoy storytimes, puppet shows, and books, I was feeling like some of my talents were lost. I also discovered that I was getting increasing tired of working at the mercy of others and having to do things that I thought I’d never have to do because “I’d gone to college.” (picture clogged toilets & toddler tussles) The excitement of my current career had worn off and I was beginning to dread going into work.

Face mask for work. I’m trying to keep from fogging up my glasses.

Sadly, the impetus to this discovery, was the Great Quarantine of 2020 (and some previous unrest). Suddenly I was working from home and . . . loving it! I was home again with my kids (teens who slept til noon and played music in the afternoons). I was in charge of my schedule (minus zoom staff meetings). And, forgive me, I didn’t have to deal with a lot of the “crap” of the world. My environment was what I made it. (Yes, there was some furniture movement, closet emptying, and power cleaning-I’d scored a steam cleaner for Mother’s Day at my request.) But the people in my world were the ones of my choosing. And it was heaven!

This hiatus from soccer and youth activities and school (for 3 weeks) and programming and grumpy patrons and mindless checking in/out of books allowed me to focus inwardly. I participated in 6 months of life coaching. Did a lot of introspection. And was a first client for a friend who was launching her life coaching business. I came away saying, “Why not me, too?!” I could become a life coach and begin living a purposed filled life going in a direction of my choosing. What I’d lost, I’d found!

As of today, I’m at the mercy of a manager and a director. One day, I want “full custody” of my 40 hours/week and my paycheck. I want to be self-reliant. I want to be excited about my daily schedule. I want to fulfill the measure of my creation. For I believe that all of us are capable of more than we believe.

My husband has coached all of our kids’ soccer teams. I’m not much of a sports fan, but it has been incredible watching him train not only our kids but also their friends/teammates. He’s not a yeller, or a bully, but a guide. In his gentle, but persistent way, he has helped dozens of youth find their abilities and turn weaknesses into strengths. What a joy to watch them grow in confidence; believing that they can do more and watching them prove that on the soccer field!

So, that’s why I’m here. There have been some coaches in my life who helped me remember my abilities. Encouraged me to change weaknesses into strengths. Saw capabilities in me that I hadn’t seen. Seeing me be lost, supported me in finding my direction and course correcting.

Lost & Found.

The first step is always the hardest, right?!
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